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Shondell captures the rich and distinctive voice of Aretha.  On stage Shondell sings the songs of Aretha & the soul explosion of the 60's . Her stage presence are sure to please audiences of all ages and get them up on their feet, singing and clapping along to all of the 60's soul hits. 

Those were the Glory Days , now we are bringing them to a venue near you.  Re-live sixties soul with Europe's leading Tribute To Aretha Franklin . . . .RESPECT!!

This is a format of my Aretha Franklin Tribute Show which I have performed many times so far, in many venues, including Stars In Concert Berlin, Moraira Theatre, Alicante

I engage with the audience between songs, either being Aretha or talking about her life, and where she was , and how she was at that time in her life, when the song was created, or what was happening in the world when she first performed it .

I have video footage of me doing this at various shows.

I am very relaxed talking to an audience.

Enjoy Europe's leading Tribute to The Queen Of Soul ....R.E.S.P.E.C.T! 

R.E.S.P.E.C.T the show has been proved to be a winner.     Explore the site and check out our music below.



Shondell with Glory Days Band

I prefer to use live musicians , where it is commercially viable.
I have also performed it soley with backing tracks in smaller venues,
where paying musicians is more difficult.
Ideally I suggest a Piano, Drums, & Bass.



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Flower Power! Female Power! and Black Power!

The Glory Days of the sixties where soul and rhythm & blues was born.

After soul music exploded onto the scene the world would never be the same.